Corporate brokerage services

CIC Market Solutions has a trading floor devoted to corporate brokerage. We work alongside listed companies, controlling holding companies and investment companies on buybacks, share management contracts and managing listed equity investments. The interventions are carried out in a secure environment with respect for the confidentiality of information (Chinese Wall).

Share management contracts

The share management contract, entrusted by a listed company under a discretionary management mandate, aims to enhance the liquidity of transactions and the regularity of shares while preventing any undue movement in the share price caused by market trends. Our trading teams carry out their interventions using adapted management systems, while supplying our clients with regular reporting and an active market watch on their share.

Share buybacks

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, CIC Market Solutions works with issuers on their share buy-back transactions, be these for the purpose of cancellation, to cover stock-option programs or as payment for external growth transactions. Our interventions are carried out by means of direct orders or share purchase mandates.

Managing listed equity investments

We offer services to assist our clients in the sale or purchases of their securities.

In addition to the execution of transactions, the corporate trading floor ensures daily monitoring of market trends. We can also help our clients gain a better understanding of stock market regulation.