Equity Capital Markets

Our missions

Advise the issuer and coordinate, with the various participants (AMF, Euronext, lawyers and CAC, etc.), all of the work involved in preparing and carrying out an Equity Capital Markets operation: IPO, capital increase, reclassifications of blocks, public offer, delisting, convertibles, etc.

CIC Market Solutions carries out the professional due diligence, drafts - alongside the company and its advisors - the documents to be submitted to the market regulator (Autorité des marchés financiers - AMF - and Euronext) and organises relations with these institutions.

For placements with institutional and retail investors, in addition to advising on the terms of the operation (amount, price and timing), CIC Market Solutions aids the issuer in crafting its financial communication, oversees the drafting of an in-depth research note on the company's outlook, organises the roadshows, prospects investors, builds the order book and handles settlement-delivery of the securities.

After the IPO, CIC Market Solutions works with the issuer to build interest on the part of institutional investors and the public and promote a smooth listing process.

Our strengths

Examples of key deals

IPOs and capital increases

Reclassifications of blocks

Public offers