Investment solutions

Structured EMTN, CIC issuance programme

Reverse Convertible Notes

An alternative to the risky "equity" investment
The holder receives a gross fixed coupon of xx% of the Nominal Value at maturity irrespective of the trend in the underlying stock.
You get 100% of your original investment back if, at the Final Observation Date, the stock has not closed more than yy% below the price at the Initial Observation Date (benchmark price). Otherwise, you are reimbursed with underlying shares, for an amount that corresponds to the capital less the negative performance of the stock (the loss of capital is thus at least equal to yy%).

Autocall Index or Equity

Return indexed to the trend on the European equity market via the Euro Stoxx 50 index whose reference level is noted at the time of issue.
Possibility of automatic early reimbursement of the original investment, if the index has advanced during the year (at least 100% of its initial level). This automatic early reimbursement is combined with payment of a coupon of xx%.
You get 100% of your original investment back in the event of a limited decline in the index (yy% above its initial level). Risk of capital loss in the event of a sharp fall in the index (yy% below its initial level).

Credit Linked Note, single name or diversified basket

An alternative to a risky bond investment
Indexed to a Reference Entity
Annual gross coupon of xx% in the non-occurrence of a Credit Event on the Reference Entity. You get 100% of your original investment back in the event of the non-occurrence of such an event
If a specified Credit Event occurs, the coupons and the repayment of the capital will be impacted as set out in the “Details of the product mechanism” section
Risk of total or partial loss of capital at maturity or in the event of early redemption by the investor.