ESN, European multi-local research

CIC Market Solutions is present
in Europe via the
ESN partner network

CIC Market Solutions is a founding member of ESN which brings together eight banks and investment companies in Europe and provides access to 5 local financial markets as well as research covering more than 450 stocks.

5 members
70 analysts and strategists
350 stocks covered
100 sales staff
400 analyst and company roadshows per year

An analyst team with recognised European multi-local research

A steady stream of awards for our research

Research noted for its convictions, the accuracy of its forecasts and its recommendations: CIC Market Solutions' research is regularly in the top 3 of Starmine ranking.

A multi-local approach

ESN combines the advantages of in-depth local expertise on markets, domestic economies and listed companies, small and mid-caps in particular, with capacity to consolidate this information under an integrated sector approach thanks to a common database and research methodology.

How to access ESN research

  • ESN research is available on Bloomberg, on the "CICS" GO page (or ESNR): access to research by company, member, sector, strategy documents
  • You can ask to receive ESN research by email: Daily ESN Analyzer, ESN stockguide, company/sector reports.