Equities, ETF, Warrants

Investment advice

Our equity sales teams provide aid in making investment decisions to institutional investors in mainland Europe, the UK and the US. They draw on the economic and financial research produced by our global research team, as well as on research published by members of the ESN LLP partnership and by our partners in the US and Africa. The equity sales teams reach roughly 1,200 institutional clients in Europe and North America.

European and US investors benefit from the services of a marketing platform creating numerous opportunities for meetings with the 644 companies covered by the global research team and its partners (100 analysts serve our clients from their base in mainland Europe) in a variety of formats (roadshows, group presentations, one-on-ones and conferences).

A privileged access to the North American market

CIC Market Solutions offers privileged access to financial markets and US investors via its US Counterpart.


CIC Market Solutions meets all your Execution requirements thanks to its broad geographical coverage, experienced teams and cutting-edge tools.

Broad geographical coverage: Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa

Exhaustive coverage of Europe

Historical markets: France (Euronext Paris), Belgium (Euronext Brussels), Portugal (Euronext Lisbon), Netherlands (Euronext Amsterdam), Switzerland (Swiss Exchange), Ireland (Irish SE), UK (London SE), Germany (Deutsche Börse – Xetra Segments), Austria (Wiener Börse), Spain(Bolsa Madrid), Italy (Borsa Italiana), Finland (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki), Sweden (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm), Denmark (NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo SE), Greece (Athens SE), Cyprus (Cyprus SE)
Regulated MTFs: BATS Dark, BATS Exchange, BlockMatch, Chi Delta, Chi-X MTF, Chi-X Dark, KC Blink MTF, NORDIC@MID, ITG POSIT, Sigma X, Turquoise MTF, Turquoise Dark, UBS MTF

Significant coverage of Asia, the Americas and Africa

Australia (Australian SE), Hong Kong (HK Exchange), Japan (Tokyo SE), New Zealand (New Zealand Exchange), Singapore (Singapore Exchange)
Canada (Toronto SE), US (NYSE, NASDAQ)
Morocco (Casablanca SE), South Africa (Johannesburg SE)

Experienced teams and a full range of algorithms

Our teams comprise traders and sales traders expert in trading and the search for blocks. Access to specific pools of liquidity on European Micro, Small & Mid Caps through our ESN partnership, and expertise supported by cutting-edge tools. Thanks to our algorithms, our teams can execute orders in the money (implementation shortfall), care orders over a period (VWAP or TWAP over a determined period), care orders in function of a determined volume (volume participation and flexible participation) of an investment decision. They enable our experts to trade on several markets thanks to the Smart Order Router (main or alternative markets) with a lit or dark order book.

Capacity to optimise your execution:Spread impact, Market impact, Latency