Exchange rates

Our products, which hedge currency fluctuations for imports and exports, match all your requirements.

Tried & tested simple products

  • Spot exchange rates: We can hedge your risk on around thirty currencies worldwide.
  • Currency forward contracts: Protection against the currency risk that weighs on your foreign currency contracts, right up until their financial settlement. Irrespective of currency market trends, the exchange rate applied will be that set on conclusion of the currency forward contract. Nevertheless the delivery date for the currencies can be modified, for all or part of the amount. This will lead to an adjustment in the guaranteed exchange rate.
  • Currency options: These work as a guarantee: the contract grants you the right to purchase or sell a given amount of a specific currency at an agreed exchange rate and for a given period of time. You pay a premium for this right. If the currency trend is profitable, you can abandon the option and trade your currencies on the market. In the opposite case, you can use the option at the agreed exchange rate.
  • "D-Day Term": No strict expiry date for the currencies hedged, trading is entirely free between setting up the contract and its expiry.

These very useful basic tools are sometimes combined to set up appropriate strategies.

Made-to-measure solutions and products

  • currency options: boosted forward, asymmetric forward, synthetic forwards
  • accumulators: buy or sell at a boosted forward compared to the current forward rate
  • target forwards: enable you to anticipate your currency needs once your target gain is attained.