UCITS depositary

CIC Market Solutions is leader in the independent UCITS and asset management company segment.

Our expertise benefits from the experience and proximity of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

CIC Market Solutions has been one of the principal players on the Custody Services market for the last 20 years for independent asset management companies looking after investment portfolios or UCITS. The Custody Services department, which takes advantage of the group’s expertise while offering the proximity required for this type of activity, has managed to strengthen its position on the French entrepreneurial asset management segment: in 2012, over 50%1 had deposited all or a portion of their clients with CIC Market Solutions.

The number of funds deposited with CIC Market Solutions is constantly growing

Currently, 320 funds issued by 81 independent asset management companies are deposited with CIC Market Solutions, representing more than EUR17bn in assets under management as of 30 November 2015.

A unique service provider for asset managers

CIC Market Solutions offers asset management companies the option of having one single service provider to manage the UCITS deposits and account management services for clients that have placed their assets under management. This pooling of resources enables its customers to benefit economically and from an operational viewpoint. CIC Market Solutions works with over 130 independent asset management companies out of 266 French companies. The company has also expanded in the French and international institutional investor sector(private banking) and insurance companies. Many insurance companies are partners with CIC Market Solutions. These companies have outsourced the management of their multi-support contracts to 70 asset management companies, for which over 2,700 portfolios are open in CIC Market Solutions' books. Assets under management in the Custody Services activity total EUR25bn for 26,500 client deposit accounts.

CIC Market Solutions’ UCITS depositary offer is an integral part of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale offer

Custody Services comprises human resources and high-quality technical methods allocated to the group’s custody services offering. Overall, this activity has a total of 1,000 funds deposited and EUR150bn in assets under management.

The Custody Services department proposes the following services:

Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédéral has invested in a leading software solution used to monitor regulatory and statutory ratios. This solution ensures that fund managers are provided with the best quality service and response times. The Custody Service is provided by the Custody Client and Trustee Services branch.

1 :Excluding Investment Capital, Risk Capital, Development Capital and real estate developers (OPCI)