Our solutions for corporates, fund managers and institutional investors

CIC Market Solutions, the unit of CIC that handles commercial market activities for clients of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

1,200 institutional investor clients in Europe
6,000 corporate clients
100,000 transactions with our corporate clients per year
130 independent investment companies under custody
€5 bn of structured EMTN product assets
350 European stocks covered



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Scam: usurpation of the name CM-CIC Market Solutions

Fraudsters are using the name of CM-CIC MARKET SOLUTIONS in Europe especially in the UK to convince you to make investments. Please be aware that it may be a fraud.
This scam company is not UK registered, not using the name of a UK registered firm, and not using the name of a French legal entity either.
It uses the genuine name of a business unit of CIC in France, which is not marketing investment services and products to retail clients from the UK.
If you have any concerns, please click here