Primary Market Solutions

The cross-disciplinary expertise of the ECM and DCM teams

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our ECM and DCM teams provide issuers with advisory services and implement financing solutions adapted to meet their requirements. Using their in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and investment practices, they regularly carry out IPOs, fund raising operations via equity issues or quasi-equity issues (convertible bonds, hybrid securities, etc.) and bond issues. They also prepare and carry out block sales of shares and have considerable expertise in public exchange offers and delisting.

Supported by the placement capacity of CIC Market Solutions and the ESN network, the ECM and DCM teams take charge of the valuation, planning and syndication stages. They can also provide post-transaction services.

Long-term client relationships

As well as taking an independent approach, our ECM and DCM teams seek to establish close relations with managemement, and a long-standing relationship with listed companies.

A dedicated Corporate Research team

The Corporate Research team can carry out evaluations or strategic assessments at each key stage of the company’s development if so requested.

Services on offer

Services to issuers

We have a full range of services for companies engaged in corporate actions but we can also assist them in other aspects of company life such as preparation of Annual General Meetings, assistance with shareholder voting, keeping the shareholders’ register, payment of coupons and dividends, and financial communication.