Account keeper

CIC Market Solutions is leader
in the asset management company
and independent UCITS segment.

High value-added services for collective management and private management funds

The Custody Clients team provides custody services to clients, including opening/monitoring client accounts, tax reporting, cash transfers (one-off or permanent), monitoring post-execution operations relating to asset management movements, managing alerts and processing stock movements (transfers, security operations, etc.), managing inheritances.

More than 26,500 client deposit accounts

EUR25bn in assets held by the Custody Services department in 26,500 client deposit accounts. We also provide services to French and foreign institutional investors (private banks) and insurance companies.

Close partnerships with insurance companies

Numerous companies have outsourced the management of their multi-fund contracts to 70 asset management companies. This includes over 2,700 portfolios opened in CIC Market Solutions's books.

Access to the services and support provided by CIC Market Solutions

These services make it possible to:

Our partners’ clients can consult and execute orders via the “Fil-Securities” website:

Our integrated software tool for discretionary management of custody accounts in real time, which is used by management teams, compliance officers and fund managers : SOFI